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Since 2004, our IHG® Academy has been helping young people around the world gain valuable employment and life skills through work experience, internships and apprenticeships alongside some of the world’s best hoteliers. In the past nine years alone, partnering with local education providers and community organisations, nearly 1000,000 people have been trained and mentored through the IHG Academy.

Through our 2030 Journey to Tomorrow responsible business plan, we’ve set a clear focus on caring for communities and specifically to improve the lives of 30 million people through supporting economic and social change. 

To ensure our IHG Academy can make an even bigger difference in helping achieve our aims, we’re excited to offer the IHG Academy - Skills Builder, a digital learning platform that is open to everyone and is completely free to access. It was built with accessibility in mind, so anyone from anywhere globally can experience the educational benefits of the site from any device.

Teaming up with hospitality schools, NGOs and other partners, the Skills Builder platform offers those facing barriers to employment the opportunity to enjoy personalised, immersive experiences with access to self-serve educational resources.

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If you’re interested in partnering or have additional questions, please email ihgacademy@ihg.com.